My mother passed away

My mother passed away and took my soul, my heart, and my life with her .

My beautiful, sweet, kind and amazing mother passed away twenty four days ago. It still doesn’t feel real, despite doing very difficult things like organizing the funeral etc.
My mother seems so far away from me
On that beautiful white shore across the sea.
Yet I remember love’s soft glow upon her face
And the feel of her touch and tender embrace.

My mother taught me everything except, how to live without her .😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Why Muslims Fast during Ramadan

The act of fasting defines a Muslim.

Islam is based on 5 core principles; believing in these principles is key to being identified as a person of the Islamic faith. These five principles are also referred to as the five pillars of Islam, namely Shahadah, belief in one God (Allah) (SWT), Salat (prayer), Sawn (to fast) and Hajj. These are acts that Allah (SWT) has ordained compulsory. Fasting is one of the five pillars meaning that to fast during the month of Ramadan is mandatory for all able Muslims.

There are many spiritual and physical reasons behind fasting during Ramadan.

“One of them, in particular, is mentioned in the Qur’an, and that is in order to develop a higher consciousness and a higher level of mindfulness of Allah the creator, “The second is purification of the self from all bad habits or sinful characteristics so, while we fast as Muslims, we are obligated to reflect and to pay attention to our own habits and to sort of unlearn the bad ones and, hopefully, learn some good new ones in their place.”

“The third reason is to learn self-discipline and self-control so one of the major objectives of fasting is to teach the individual that he or she can control his or her desires.”

As humans, we are susceptible to sins and transgression of the boundaries established by Islam and fasting teaching us to be pious and restrain ourselves from worldly pleasures. The idea is to ensure we are not led astray by materialistic desires and to be able to control urges that can cloud judgement. This requires a fixed training period where Muslims have enough time to know and learn how to put an end to vices, learn virtues and obtain Allah’s (SWT) blessing.

Islam preaches equality and Allah (SWT) made fasting during Ramadan to make the rich and the poor equal in terms of asking for forgiveness for their past sins. Ramadan is a month when many prayers are listened to and answered.

These are just a few reasons why Muslims fast during the blessed month of Ramadan. It defines them as followers of the Islamic faith and billions of Muslims around the world will continue in the tradition of fasting from sunrise to sunset.

Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr

Muslims fast from sunrise to sundown during the month of Ramadan. In addition to abstaining from eating and drinking, those who fast also restrain themselves from evil thoughts, speeches, and actions. Eid al-Fitr is celebrated at the end of Ramadan and is one of the most anticipated Islamic holidays.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. During this month, Muslims observe a complete fast from dawn until sunset. The observance of the Sawm, considered to be the Fourth Pillar of Islam, is detailed in the Qur’an:

Ramadan is the month in which was set down the Qur’an, as a guide to mankind, also clear signs for guidance and judgment between right and wrong.

So every one of you who is present (at his home) during that month should spend it in fasting, but if anyone is ill, or on a journey, the prescribed period (should be made up) by days later.

Allah intends every facility for you; He does not want to put you to difficulties.

He wants you to complete the prescribed period, and to glorify Him in that He has guided you; and perchance ye shall be grateful.

The fast of Ramadan encourages self-restraint, God-consciousness, compassion, and collective worship. During the daylight hours, Muslims abstain from eating, drinking, and sexual activity, while striving to avoid all evil speech and any bad thoughts or actions. As the Bulletin of the Islamic Cultural Center of New York explained in their 1994 Ramadan issue, the fast must be understood as more than abstention from food and drink, “It also means abstention from the illegitimate use of our minds, our tongues, and our hearts.”

Meals are taken before dawn and after sunset, known respectively as suhoor and iftar. At dusk, many gather to break the fast by eating dates and drinking water, following the example of the Prophet Muhammad. The nights of Ramadan are a time for families and friends, often a festive occasion with special foods. Many mosques (masajid)  Qur’anic recitation nightly during Ramadan, On Lailat al-Qadr, the “Night of Majesty” on which Muhammad received the first revelation, much of the community gathers in the mosque to listen to the recitation of the Qur’an; many others stay up all night praying and reading the Qur’an at home.

At the end of the month of fasting, Muslims gather in large groups to perform the prayers of Eid al-Fitr, in addition to paying the obligatory zakat al-fitr,  Eid al-Fitr is also a time to visit friends and relatives, and many Muslims celebrate with their families for two or three days. Children receive new clothes, jewelry, toys and other gifts, and parents teach the next generation the importance of following the Islamic obligations of fasting, prayer and reading the Qur’an.

My Mother’s Illness Becomes Even More Severe

Following the problems that I wrote about in the previous blog post, we came back to our flat, and that night was one of the most difficult nights in my life.

My mother and I finished our evening meal, then I gave her her blood pressure medicine and iron vitamins, which are in a kind of syrup form in tubes. The pharmacist had neglected to tell me that the doses were very strong, and would contain a high potassium level without mixing them with enough milk or water. My mother and I talked and laughed as we usually did. I was  used to seeing her being tired, but the way that she was sitting was not usual, she tilted and swayed about. I was a little surprised, but I thought that it was just part of her regular illness. Then my mother and I went to sleep. We slept until around 1.30am, when I woke up after hearing my mother’s voice. She was making a deep groaning sound in the back of her throat. I was terrified.

I tried to wake her up several times, but she didn’t answer me. That night I was alone with my mother and there was no electricity, so I could not see  well. The light of my mobile phone lit some of the room, which made my mother look like she was dead. I was scared and began crying; crying madly. My heart and my whole body were trembling with fear. I watched my mother carefully. She looked as if she was saying her last farewell.

People nearby were all asleep at that time of night, but I tried to seek help from our neighbor who lived opposite our apartment nevertheless. I knocked on his door so many times that my knuckles turned red, but still no one answered. I remember feeling my heart pounding and my tears pouring down like rain.

I got out my phone and called my neighbor, who was also the owner of the apartment that we were renting. I called him several times, but he did not reply. I then tried knocking on the door of his apartment one last time. I was crying and shouting, “My mother is dying! Help me take my mother to the hospital, please!”

I was shouting as loud as I could. Eventually, he and his wife heard my calls and emerged from their home, then entered our apartment and saw my mother. They said for me not to be afraid, because she was still breathing, but we saw that she had gone into a coma. We quickly took her to the hospital. The medical staff put her in the recovery room. She had had kidney failure, caused by an increase in creatinine and urea and a rise in potassium. The emergency doctor did a scan of her kidneys. He noted that the size of her left kidney was not normal, while her right was normal size. My mother was kept in the recovery room for further treatment.

The day after, my mother developed a small clot in her brain. The emergency doctors did not tell us that she had got this. I don’t know why. Perhaps they had misdiagnosed the treatment that had caused her clot, and so hid this result from us? I only found out about the clot after my mother got out of hospital, when I took the x-rays and blood test results to another doctor. This doctor discovered that my mother had had a stroke and a clot in her brain. I was very surprised at why they did not tell me that in the hospital.

My mother lay in the recovery room and then the intensive care room for ten days. I watched her constantly during this time. I was incredibly worried. She finally came out of her coma and her condition improved a little. Her kidney doctor decided that it was acceptable for her to leave the hospital. He wrote a medical report for her, and the necessary treatment for her to take. Unfortunately, every month, my mother’s condition becomes more serious, and the creatinine and urea levels increase.

In six months, my mother’s condition had greatly worsened. Three months ago, her health became extremely bad. I decided to take my mother to another city for treatment. I brought her to a holistic specialist doctor who gave her Lasix, which comes in very, very strong doses, and also a powerful antibiotic given using intravenous needles. He advised for her to take them morning and evening for three days. He also did a scan of her kidneys and wrote a report that there was a rise in the percentage of atrophy of her kidneys. Both of her kidneys were small in size. Unfortunately, the left kidney, which was normal-sized before, had now become unnaturally small too. I was curious as to why her left kidney had become so atrophied and asked about this. The reason that the kidney doctor gave me was not convincing. I think it was because of the treatment that had been given to her. After that, my mother used Lasix and an antibiotic called Intravencoma. The next day, her body could not tolerate the strength of the doses and she went into another coma.

I took her to the hospital again. We had to go by taxi.  I took her under the armpits and my sister carried her by her legs and we put her in the cab.  It was very, very difficult when my mother got ill late at night and we wanted to take her to the hospital but we do not to have a private car. It was very tiring at the same time to be in such an embarrassing and unfortunate situation, because I was trying to find a car in the neighborhood in the late of night to take my mother to the emergency department. My neighbors were asleep and no one heard me. I had to go out into the street in the middle of the night in order to search for a cab.  At the same time, I was very frightened and terrified at the lack of safety, especially at night.  But Allah protected me for my mother’s sake.

The decrease in sodium had severely affected my mother’s brain and nervous system. The kidney doctor gave her some sodium nutrients and she came out of the coma, but her body remained unbalanced and she was unfocused. Then we went to a neurosurgeon. He did a CT scan of her brain. It showed that she had had some very small strokes, so he gave her an aspirin and treatment to reduce cholesterol. She has to use this daily, for the foreseeable future.

From that day to today, her sodium level has never been stable. When the sodium decreases, she enters into a coma, then I have to give her the sodium nutrients to bring her out of the coma. All of this affects her brain and nerves. I am very sad about her poor condition. The doctors did not really help her and they do not know what has caused the decrease in sodium. Apparently, diuretics have a great role in decreasing sodium. The more water and liquids, the more the sodium will decrease. As for urea and toxins, the lower the percentage of water and fluids, the higher the toxins and urea in her body. Urea needs more water and fluids, and sodium needs less water and fluids. Because of this, there is always an imbalance, and it also means that my mother cannot get treatment and for her knee joints and other problems.

I do not know how to save my mother or why the doctors cannot really help her.

After that, new diseases appeared: gout, anemia and fluid retention in her body, and further heart problems. Her heartbeat is abnormal. She has inflammation of the lungs and shortness of breath. She cannot breathe well all day long, but especially at night. It is as if her soul is coming out. She cannot sleep laying down. She sleeps while sitting. Her blood sugar is always low, most of all in the middle of the night. I give her honey until it rises a little. No direct cure is available to her.

I have taken her to many doctors. We have seen cardiologists, chest specialists, neurologists, kidney specialists, and various medical professionals, but they did not diagnose her properly. From the day that she fell ill to today, I have been from hospital to hospital, from doctor to doctor, from clinic to clinic, from emergency to emergency, and from pharmacy to pharmacy. I am really tired and for scared for my mother. I don’t know what’s going on in my mother’s body, which cannot tolerate all of these diseases much longer, even though she is committed to a strict diet. She is forbidden to eat meat, egg yolk, white bread, oils, legumes, proteins and all fruits except green apples. She has treatment for her heart, strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney and vitamins. She has more than 13 treatments, and despite these treatments and regular blood tests every week for kidney functions, potassium, sodium, total protein, albumin, gout, cholesterol, chest scans and ECG ECO, there is no improvement or stability in her health.

I fear that if her kidney atrophy increases more, my mother will die. I do my best for my mother. I borrow money from all friends and those that I do not know for the sake of saving my mother. All of my mother’s treatments, tests and examinations are very expensive, especially these days in Yemen, where the war means that there is a huge rise in prices. I find it very stressful to put up with the difficulties that I face.

Unfortunately, I am currently unemployed. I don’t have any income to help my mother with her treatment and her regular check-ups. I offer my gratitude and thanks to my teacher and friend Tom, who has helped me and thought of making the GoFundMe page for my mother and for me, and to those who have donated to help my mother so far. My life has become very difficult, but this has alleviated some of the burden. Still, I am never happy when I see my mother suffering from morning to night. I wish I could do something about it and that the doctors would help her properly.

I wish I could work and have a good salary. I would take my mother to a European country and the best hospital where an excellent doctor could give her the correct treatment and diagnosis. If my mother went to an excellent doctor, her health would improve and there is a great hope that her kidney functions would return to the normal level. 

I hope that my mother’s situation improves, and that I see her again in good health. I hope that the smile and joy returns to her eyes and face, because when I see her tired and sick, life passes by in front of me and it is depressing. I cannot focus on my studies or my future anymore. I stopped studying full time in order to monitor my mother’s health and take care of her. Our income is very, very little and my mother’s condition is more and more difficult to cope with. I don’t know what I should do. I always think about my mother’s condition and I am afraid of the day that I cannot buy her medication. I also fear that the day will come when I cannot take her to the hospital or a doctor, because there is no money available.

Sometimes I think that I might even go crazy because I can’t save her. 😭

My mother’s illness and the conflict around us has strongly affected me psychologically. I love her deeply, yet I don’t have anything or any way to save her. Therefore, I feel lost and at a loss for any positive solution. I need someone to help us.

History of Yemen

Yemen is one of the oldest centers of civilization in the Near East.[1] Its relatively fertile land and adequate rainfall in a moister climate helped sustain a stable population, a feature recognized by the ancient Greek geographer Ptolemy, who described Yemen as Eudaimon Arabia (better known in its Latin translation, Arabia Felix) meaning “fortunate Arabia” or “Happy Arabia“. Yemenis had developed the South Arabian alphabet by the 12th to 8th centuries BCE, which explains why most historians date all of the ancient Yemeni kingdoms to that era.

Between the 12th century BCE and the 6th century CE, it was dominated by six successive civilizations which rivaled each other, or were allied with each other and controlled the lucrative spice tradeMa’inQatabanHadhramautAwsanSaba, and Himyar.[2] Islam arrived in 630 CE, and Yemen became part of the Muslim realm.

Old city of Sana’a , Yemen 

Described by historians, geographers and scholars of the early Islamic and medieval eras, Sana’a is associated with the civilizations of the Bible and the Koran.

As an outstanding example of a homogeneous architectural ensemble reflecting the spatial characteristics of the early years of Islam, the city in its landscape has an extraordinary artistic and pictorial quality.  Its many-storied buildings represent an outstanding response to defensive needs in providing spacious living quarters for the maximum number of residents within defensible city walls.  The buildings demonstrate exceptional craftsmanship in the use of local materials and techniques.  The houses and public buildings of Sana’a, which have become vulnerable as a result of contemporary social changes, are an outstanding example of a traditional, Islamic human settlement .

The Contemporary City

The old city is surrounded by a massive wall 20–30 feet (6–9 metres) high, pierced by numerous gates. Most notable architecturally is the Yemen Gate (Bāb al-Yaman), renamed Liberty Gate after the revolution of 1962. Old Sanaa includes 106 mosques, 12 hammams (baths), and 6,500 houses, all built before the 11th century CE. Multistoried tower houses, built of dark basalt stone and brick, are decorated with intricate frieze work and beautiful carved windows. Sanaa’s most notable mosque, Al-Jamīʿ al-Kabīr (Great Mosque), contains a sacred shrine that was once a principal object of Zaydī veneration. The old souks (Arabic suqs, marketplaces) begin at Bāb al-Yaman and extend northward past the Great Mosque. The area is called Sūq al-Milh (Salt Market) but consists of many smaller souks selling a wide variety of goods. Northwest of the old city is the former summer palace of the imam, perched on a steep rock outcrop overlooking the Wadi Dharr. The garden suburb of Rawḍah, due north of Sanaa, has a fine mosque in the Moorish style. Qāʿ al-Yahūd (Jewish Quarter), a walled ghetto in the western part of the city, was long a centre for the practice of traditional crafts, such as fine gold and silver metalwork and embroidery. Virtually all the capital’s Jews emigrated to Israel in 1949–50, dealing an almost fatal blow to the handicraft economy.

Unreliable Doctors

I decided to take my mother to another heart doctor after the first doctor who she saw failed to save her, and in fact made her situation much worse.

Unfortunately, the next doctor also increased her illness and caused other health problems. He gave her blood pressure treatment, in which combination volsorton that affected her kidneys. He also gave her diuretic treatment, the strength of whose dose was so great that it increased the rate of dehydration more rapidly, though he knew that my mother had a lack of fluids in her body. He gave her further treatment that caused anemia and her blood platelets to break down. He did not do a kidney function check to ensure the integrity of her kidneys before he gave her this medicine. He also did not give her treatment for diabetes although he knew she had diabetes.

This heart doctor was also incredibly unhelpful. He gave her a diuretic, which was too much of a strong dose for my mom’s weak body. She was given treatments that affected her kidneys and caused her severe dehydration. I didn’t know that it was so bad for her because I don’t have a background in medicine. I trusted the doctor that these drugs would save her from her high blood pressure, but during the five days that she was using these treatments, I saw that every day her health condition got worse. I was surprised at why my mother’s health did not improve, why her blood pressure was so high and did not decrease.  

I tried to communicate with a Jordanian heart consultant doctor that I had found previously to ask him about the treatment that the new doctor had given to my mother. He said that this treatment would negatively affect her. He forbid my mother to take it. It is a pity that I had not talked to the Jordanian doctor before he  had explained the situation to me and warned me that my mother should not take this treatment.

I took my mother to the heart doctor a second time. I said to him, “Diuretic treatment is too strong for her. She doesn’t complain about her kidneys or urinary retention or fluids in the lungs, so why give her a diuretic? We only came to you so that you could look at her blood pressure.” 

He didn’t like my words and told me that this treatment would not affected my mother’s kidneys.

After that, on the same day, I took my mother to the orthopedic doctor, and when I was there another orthopedic doctor recommended surgery to replace her knee joints because she had complained of severe friction in the joints of her knees. The orthopedic doctor decided to give her surgery, but he said that I should consult the heart doctor again because her blood pressure was so high. 

He gave her some more medicine for her bones and analgesics, which also affected her kidneys. He also gave her iron vitamins, which are in syrup in tubes and the doses were very strong, with a high potassium level. 

Then I bought medicines and spoke with the pharmacist about how my mother should drink the iron drink in the tube. She said to me, “She should have a drink after dinner.” 

She was supposed to tell me that it is necessary to drink it with a mixture of milk or water in order to reduce the strength of the dose, but the pharmacist didn’t explain that specifically. Even the pharmacists here are under-qualified and unreliable. I believed her and followed her advice. Now I wish that I hadn’t. 

Following that, we came back to our flat, and that night was one of the most difficult nights in my life. I will write about what happened in a later blog post.

I am going to talk about this subject until all of the world reads about my mother’s suffering and learns the lesson that not every doctor is proficient, even though we depend on them and put our trust in them. You must investigate more than your doctor tells you. You must also find an excellent, reliable doctor in order not to be a victim of incorrectly prescribed medicine like my mother was, who suffers because of this up to this day.

My Mother’s Struggle from 2019 to Today

The period from the start of the year 2019 up to today has been the most difficult of all for my mother, sister and me. I will talk about this time; what happened to my mother and the severe afflictions that have affected her.

At the beginning of 2019, it turned out that the blood pressure medicine that was prescribed for my mother was not appropriate and did not provide any benefits for her. In fact, her blood pressure increased to 200/90 and sometimes 210/100. I didn’t know that her blood pressure was so high because we didn’t have a blood pressure machine or the opportunity for her to have it checked. 

Her blood sugar level also rose from 200 to between 350 and 400. She did not use any drugs to reduce this. We took the advice of a doctor who told us that instead of medicinal treatment, she should keep to a strict diet that involved not eating sweets and sugary foods. My sister and I did not have experience in the health field or any background on medical side effects, such as diseases or inappropriate medications. During those days, my mother’s health deteriorated greatly and her body could hardly resist diseases or fatigue.

I borrowed some money to take my mother to the cardiologist to get her blood pressure tested, but I had the misfortune of using an inexperienced doctor who gave her medication which affected her heart badly. It increased her blood pressure until it reached 260, which is exceptionally high. Without Allah’s protection, she would have suffered a stroke or heart attack due to the high blood pressure, but Allah Almighty protected my mother, who never complained about her heart problems. According to the health scan, her heart was healthy and normal, she only had a slight irregularity with her heartbeat because of her very high blood pressure. 

As I mentioned before, my sister and I did not know anything about medicine. We were trying to look after my mother in whichever way was possible. Unfortunately, the doctor we went to had magnified the seriousness of my mother’s illness. She started to use the medication which the doctor gave her, but after 10 days she became extremely ill. The illness was definitely due to the medication. The dehydration rate increased in my mother’s body. She couldn’t lift her arms and her heart hurt her very much. The doctor should have given her medicine for diabetes because he knew that her blood sugar level was likely to increase, but he did not give her any. She almost died in my hands. 💔

I called the doctor because of the symptoms and told him, “Why is my mother complaining of pain after using the medication that you prescribed for her? She didn’t complain about these pains before!”

The doctor was not compassionate. He said to me, “You should take your mother to another doctor.”

I asked him what he meant.

He replied, “I didn’t expect to follow up your mother’s case anyway.”

He did not accept responsibility for his mistake, even though he almost killed my mother instead of saving her. I wanted to report the doctor’s malpractice to the police and file a case, but because my country’s situation is too unstable due to the war, there is no form of justice to stand up for me.

Now, how did I know that this doctor’s diagnosis for my mother and the medication he gave her was all wrong? I had searched the websites of doctors online and found a Jordanian doctor who I consulted. I sent him all the tests and the ECO and ECG with a list of the medicines that the former doctor had provided for my mother. The Jordanian heart consultant told me that this doctor’s diagnosis for my mother and all of the ECG, ECO and the medicine he had prescribed were wrong. He said that this medicine would affect my mother’s heart badly. It would increase her blood pressure and rate of dehydration in her body and through her kidneys. 

The medical environment in Yemen is desperate and there is little chance to receive suitable healthcare. 💔

After that, I decided to take her to another heart doctor, which I will talk about in a future blog post because my mother’s suffering does not need only one part. She really needs many parts to tell her poignant story, which has also affected me very much. All that I can think about is how I can save my mother and see her in good health.

My Mother’s Suffering

My mother is the dearest, most cherished person in my heart. She is the most beautiful, kind and caring person in my life. She cares about me every moment of my life, sometimes even without me noticing. She always supports me in everything I do. She has taught me many things since I was a child. My mother cares about my life and she makes sure that I am as happy as possible. She says that her happiness is my happiness. She has devoted and dedicated her life to raising me. My mother is my role model. She is so generous to other people and she likes to help those in need. I love my mother very much. I don’t know what I would do without her.

Then the war came to Yemen in 2015. Violent attacks began with missiles flying across Yemen. My mother was in the house alone one day, cooking for the family, when suddenly a very large rocket exploded nearby. The entire city was shaken and our house shuddered from the impact. My mother’s heart stopped with fear and panic. She almost died. Following that incident, she became extremely exhausted. She went to the doctor and after a blood test it was found that she had problems with her blood sugar levels. I think the stress caused by the effects of the missile explosion must have triggered the blood sugar problems.

Throughout those years, my mother didn’t take drugs to treat diabetes because the doctor advised her on keeping to a strict diet that involved not eating sweets and sugary foods. That was until the year 2019, which was an even worse year for my mother, sister and me. In the next post, I will talk about this time; what happened to my mother and the growing ailments that have affected her.

Seeking Salvation

Our house is in the center of the city. It is in a popular neighborhood, near to the markets, transportation links and malls.

I am used to waking up in the early morning at 5.30am every day in order to pray at dawn and watch the sunrise from my window.

How much of a beautiful feeling it is watching the sunrise; drinking in her golden color, along with the pure breeze that plays against my cheeks as I listen to some verses of the Holy Quran and the distinctive coffee aroma wafts up amidst the complete clamor of the neighborhood. It is a wonderful atmosphere and view that sets a person up in a restful state of reassurance and tranquility.

At 7.00am the markets, malls and shops open their doors and the traffic congestion begins to build up.

Two months ago, while I was watching the sunrise from the window of my room, I heard the cries of some small cats. I realised that they were outside somewhere in the street. I tried to see them from my room’s window but I couldn’t spot them. I  only heard their voices and relentless calls. The next day I decided to look for them in the street. While I was walking in our yard I heard them mewing. I tried to look for them and, eventually, I found them under the water tank.

There were two tiny cats whose fur was brown and white. 💝

They were adorable and looked like they were only a week or two old. Their mother didn’t seem to be with them and never came back to feed them. I think she must have died.

The timid cats were extremely hungry and thirsty. They had yelped so much that even their little voices had almost completely disappeared due to the strong thirst, hunger and repeated cries. 

I don’t actually like touching cats or any kind of animals, unfortunately, so it was quite a challenge for me to work out what to do with them!

I didn’t know what I should do or how I should feed them. I researched online about kitten food. I managed to find out what small cats eat and drink. Then I went out and bought milk, tuna, yogurt and some very small fish. When I gave them the food, they were exceptionally grateful and purred contentedly. After that, I returned to feed them each meal. I used to see them every day. I think they actually considered me to be their mother. 😅 They never went out to the street, but just stayed and played in our yard. While I put the food for them into a dish, they would run behind me, chasing me all around the yard because I was slightly afraid of them and tried to escape from them. 😅 Although they were tiny balls of fluff, I was scared of them because I don’t like anything fluffy touching or tickling my feet. 😅 

They were frightened of all other people and ran away from them, but they were friendly with me. I loved them very much and looked after them all the time, although I didn’t have enough free time to take care of them completely, but I did my best for them because I feared that if I took them to the street, they might die or the stray dogs could eat or harm them. I took it upon myself to look after the kittens, and they totally depended on me, so after that point, I couldn’t leave them.

During those days, I was alone in our house because my mother and sister were in another city getting treatment for my mother’s developing health problems. One day, my sister called me to tell me to travel to them  immediately    because my mother was badly ill. I wondered who would feed and look after the small cats. I couldn’t leave them in the yard alone without any food. They would die of hunger and thirst, and if I took them out to the street, the wild dogs might eat them or anything could happen to them. I was immensely sad about what could happen to my mother and my small cats.
I considered publishing a post online about my small cats to see if anyone could take them in and look after them. I did this and was glad when I found somebody who wanted to take them in. I could now travel to help my sister and dearest mother who was very sick.


My Father’s Effect on my Life

I lived and grew up in a modest family. My father’s job was as a merchant and judge at the same time. His income was sufficient. My father supported us and also his brothers and stood beside them, providing their expenses and all that they needed and wanted. He looked after his brothers because my father was older than them. He was like a father for them and their guide. He worked hard and did his best for his brothers. My father helped them even while they continued their studies, so that they were able to reach university. Then my uncles finished university and got excellent jobs and married.

My father resolved the problems of people he knew and of his friends and relatives. People even invited him to write their agreements of marriage. They loved and trusted my father very much because he had a strong personality. He was a pious, honest and sincere man. He helped many poor and needy families without anyone knowing.

The years of my childhood that I spent them with my father were the most beautiful days of my life. He used to give me everything; the most beautiful toys and clothes and all that I wished for. He also provided me with strong ideals. He took care of my sisters and me. He taught me and encouraged me in my studies and everything else in my life so many times. May Allah bless him in heaven “Jannah”. Ameen.

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